It’s SUTRA SUNDAE with a cherry on top! Go ahead… dig in…

Every Sunday from now till however long it takes… I invite you to explore Patanjali’s YOGA SUTRA!

In the sutras, Patanjali summarizes the process and tools for self- understanding. Through study and practice “our turbulent minds can be brought to peace and exraordinary wisdom and well-being is our potential.” While, some sutras may live in you immediately, others may seem completely foreign. “As yoga study and practice develop, the message of the Sutra takes on a deeper resonance and becomes more relevant, more revealing.” (Mark Whitwell) Through your practice, the understanding of the yoga sutra will come to you in time without force or effort.

Let this serve as merely an introduction. Notice what arises in you and let it be, judgment free! With that in mind, here we go!!!

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The SAMADHIPADAH is the first of four chapters of the YOGA SUTRA by Patanjali. This section answers the question: “what is yoga” and instructs us on how to get there, the problems we might face along the way, and the ways to overcome these obstacles. Helpful right?


Translation: Now begins the study of yoga. The “atha” is a way of saying good luck. It attaches a prayer for both a positive beginning and successful outcome of your journey.

What better time to start than the present! How long have you said: “I gotta try this yoga thing” and well… haven’t? Begin your yogalicious journey by setting a goal that you know you can achieve. Start with 15 minutes of yoga a day, everyday. Lets face it, life gets hectic. I can’t always fit a class into my schedule. But, what I can do is open up my yoga mat and put myself on it. Not sure where to start? Find a corner somewhere in your home that can become your sacred space. Mine is in my living room next to two sliding glass doors that lead out onto a small balcony. I like it because I get a little bit of natural light and if it’s nice out, I open the doors and let in a some fresh air! Ahhh…

Cat/ Cow/ Child's Pose

Open your mat and start with something simple: child’s pose, cat/ cow, downward facing dog. Choose poses that connect you with the earth, that ground you. Take this moment for yourself, no iPhone, no LOST, no Project Runway, no distractions, to check in. What do you need today? Start from this place of curiosity and awareness. If this is all you do today, wonderful. Close each practice with a moment of silent meditation. Find a comfortable seated position: sukhasana. If your lower back is rounding, sit up on a pillow or folded blanket. If your hips are a bit tight, you can also slide a pillow under each knee so that your legs can relax and you don’t feel like you are holding them up. Rest your hands on top of your thighs comfortably, palms facing upward to receive or downward to ground. Close your eyes and bring your attention to your breath: long inhale, long exhale, through the nose. Let your mind relax. Release it for a moment from the burden of thought. Be present in this new beginning. Whether it’s the first time or the 100th time you have sat, it is always a new moment and a new opportunity to discover. It’s amazing the wisdom you can receive when you stop thinking so hard! Funny how that works… So begin your journey today and let me know how it’s going!

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