Who/ What?

YOGAlicious offers private and group yoga instruction in Los Angeles. Founded by Laura Liz Perloe, certified yoga instructor. Deliciously decadent vinyasa flow classes offered at every level! It’s like chocolate syrup for the soul. Yummy! Are you YOGAlicious??

Contact: Laura@getYogalicious.com for more info!

YOGAlicious is….
That super hero, Mother Teresa, blissed out euphoric feeling you get after a great yoga class. Steamy and sizzling with sweat, your hair looks a hot sultry mess, cheeks have that rapturously rosy glow, and your body’s feeling lusciously languid and refreshingly revived!
As you leave class you have a new found love for… well… everything! You begin to appreciate the small things. You see a friend or lover in a way you never have before. You sit down to a meal and crave what nourishes you and have no interest in all the rest. You begin to see the interconnectedness of all beings and events. You feel connected to the earth that supports you. Answers come to you without having to look for them. You are so filled with gratitude and reverence that you feel you have give back, reach out and help others. Your compassion for humanity flourishes. Your patience is easy. There are joyful moments and painful moments, either way, emotions flow in and out of you like a passing breeze. You want things, but feel that you lack nothing. Your purpose is clear, your determination is unaffected. Feelings of tranquility and peace succeed the whirling of your mind. You know your own beauty and see beauty revealed in everything. You trust yourself and hold balance in the face of adversity. No obstacle is too big. No fear too high to transcend. You make things happen through love, not force. A mere change in thought, has drastically altered the course of your life. You have been cracked open and receive each and every moment like a blessing. And… you’re just plain HOT!! It’s then that you realize…hey… I’m YOGAlicious!!

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