Peace and quiet?

I’ve been really bad about blogging… So, I’m back, for a bit at least… untill the whirlwind of life takes over again. I just went to a hot vinyasa class that wasn’t actually too hot… which was fine because we just got back from vegas these last two days… so… Whenever I feel myself slipping out of balance, a yoga class of any kind usually snaps me right back into place. It’s like a chiropractic adjustment for my soul! I never know what I’m going to get out of a class, but when I don’t go, I feel completely out of touch. I’ve been kind of distracted by the music in class recently. It’s so nice when the music is either very subtle or not there at all. When the music is too modern or upbeat, I can’t hear my self through it all. It makes it very hard to turn inward, when there is such a racket outward. There is some music that makes the soul open up and expand, music that fills you up and creates space. But, so many yoga studio are using pop music for their classes now and this kind of music, while it is wonderful for certain occasions, often, not always, tends to be anti-yoga… tends to obstruct union with the self. Anywho, sometimes it’s fun of course to switch it up. But I find that peace and quiet in a yoga class is a rarity!

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