Class #22. transcending the: “i don’t feel like it” feeling.

I went to Claire’s class at Rising Lotus today and it was pretty tough for me. I was tired and my body didn’t feel much like yoga today. It’s interesting this quality of “feeling like” doing something or not. I am curious as to what that really is… Because of this task, 365 classes in 365 days, that I have set for myself, I am somehow able to will myself to class and over-rule this “not feeling like it” sensation. However, I was slacking off… as much as is possible in a 2/3 level class. Although, because my body was so tired, I felt like I had an extra level of awareness and zero extra energy to grip or hold onto anything. The theme of the class today was to experience every pose as if for the first time. Claire asked us to think back to the first time we did downward dog, which sadly I can’t remember… Or, the time we did a certain pose for the first time and how exciting and alive that moment felt. And then, of course, you do the pose a million times after that and somehow loose that sense of newness that it once had. I think the combo of recreating that feeling of the first time and my total exhaustion put me in this state of hyper awareness. I had a moment of enlightenment in badha konasana, where I felt a little bit like I was… on drugs. I became fascinated by my fingers and toes and how I could articulate each one individually or all at once. Oh and I have these strange bruises on my upper arms from balancing poses. The price we pay to fly…


January 22, 2011. Uncategorized.

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