TRANSLATION: Then the seer [Self] abides in his own nature.

You are not your mind or body. You are the Seer, watching your mind and body at work in front of you. Yoga expands the space between you and everything else in the physical world including: thoughts and emotions. You witness and are aware of the actions of your mind and body, but are at the same time uninvolved and separate from them. The seer, your true self, is what is behind everything else that exists. If you look into a lake to see your reflection and the lake is choppy, your image will appear distorted. In reality, your image hasn’t changed, it merely appears to be different. Only when the water is completely still, can you see the truest reflection of yourself. The same is true with your mind and self. Only when the mind is clear and free from modifications, can you see your truest self. This self, the one who sees all else, is always the same. It is everything around us that causes a distortion in our perception of ourselves. The seer just is, no matter what. It lives inside itself, is one with itself and attached to nothing else. The self is not defined or bound by anything superficial or on the outside.

February 21, 2010. yoga.

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